Republic of Circus is an early stage collective of artists and members.
We work with artists who gig and create, firstly to secure the artists individual career and then our collective future.

We’re like a “Talent Management” Company, with the addition that the “Talent” are shareholders, with all rights and responsibilities that are attached to having voting rights and control and ownership of a business.

We offer a combination of services in any combination the artists might request.

– Talent Management – Admin/diary management, collaborative career plans, collaborative marketing plans, etc…

– Craft Development – Free studio access, collaborators, mentorship, directors, masterclasses etc…

– Career Security – A personal private, independent certified financial advisor if requested . Business training options. Group scheme credit union style options for – health insurance, income protection insurance – pension.
To secure an artists life after retirement, our structure gives any retiring artist a stake in the very talent agency they helped to grow, during their career.

Getting our acts together, together.

Now is the Time
This is the Place
We are the People